December 25, 2015

The Solution


In order to move forward as a free church, boldly proclaiming the truth of God’s Word, the time to act is now.  Unfortunately, because many people have used the Corporation Sole for its unintended purposes as a tax shelter to hide lawfully owed taxes to the federal government, it is extremely important that you take advantage of the guidance and expertise of a registered agent like Church Corporations Sole, to ensure the proper processing and procedures are met in order to ensure suggest.  Our services include:

We are pleased to get to know you and your organization through a complimentary, no-cost, no-obligation consultation in order to get a better idea of what you’d like to accomplish, and particular challenges you might have, and to bring the benefit of our resources and experience to bear on your situation to assist you and your church leadership in making an informed decision.

Should you decide to move forward, we will guide you through the process of either establishing, or modifying, signing, witnessing and having notarized your official Church Affirmation Document.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to have professional instruction in this process of finding and replacing only certain fields on this affidavit to be applicable to the 508c1a code.

We then recommend you take us on as your Registered Agent for the actually filing of your Corporation Sole.  Attention to detail, experience and expertise are critical at this juncture of the process in order to ensure success.

Once you get the certified copy of your Articles of Incorporation back from your state, we will then assist you in acquiring your IRS EIN number online.  We will then give you recommendations on how to set up a bank account for the Corporation Sole, as well as the best banks with which to work in terms of ease-of-use.  We also recommend establishing a Paypal account for your Corporation Sole’s tax exempt contributions, which we will walk you through as well.


Do we charge fees for our services?  Why do we charge fees?
Yes, we are an American Free Enterprise Business. Our primary purpose is education –  the first 1/2 hour consultation is free. In this initial consultation, the fees will be discussed.

Complete Corporation Sole Package

Review of Existing Corporation Sole

Make your existing Corporation Sole Legal

With the Complete Corporation Sole package, Church Corporations Sole will:

1. Provide up to two hours of initial consultations to explain the Corporation Sole, answer your questions, and help you to begin your homework.

2. Give you a questionnaire (depending on your circumstances) for the information I will need to create a customized Corporation Sole for you.

3. Be available by phone and email for questions.

4. Completing all or most of elements needed for your organization to be categorized as a church, spiritual community, or spiritual organization.

5. Advise you in creating a Signing Celebration and witnessing of the papers (clients usually create spiritual ceremonies with music, prayer, meditation, blessings over their documents, witnessing and signing).

6. Guide you on the correct resources you need in order to file the Corporation Sole in your home State, or a chosen Corporation Sole-friendly State (you pay all filing fees).

7. Guide you on how to easily and quickly obtain an EIN to open a bank account.

8. Help you to register the Corporation Sole in your home State if filed in a Corporation Sole-friendly State (you pay State fees).

9. Provide up to one hour of further consultation at no charge.