Church Corporations Sole, your trusted source for information, advice, and all things related to the formation of the non-profit corporate entity known as Corporation Sole. Church Corporations Sole was established and led by the Holy Spirit to help set Christian leaders free to preach 100% biblical truth in love and without compromise, backlash, or manipulation by either the federal or state government.

Established by Dr. Paul R. Oebel, DDH, ordained pastor of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, founder of Faith Unveiled Ministries, and host of the Faith Unveiled Network teaching ministry, Cycles of Faith, Church Corporations Sole is dedicated to helping fellow Christian leaders properly establish or financially reorganize their ministries into the well established, non-profit entity, Corporation Sole; an entity that is free from the restrictions and limitations of the federal 501c3 conditional tax exempt privilege.  (Tax Exemption must be filed in States that require state tax, such as California.)

At Church Corporations Sole, you’ll receive consultations, as well as full service and support when it comes to all the documentation, and proper filing procedures required, including the legal establishment of your church and the Corporation Sole.  With these two resources in place, your ministry will become lawfully immune to any undue political restrictions or influence that would dissuade you from bringing forth the truth, as led by the Holy Spirit of God, from your pulpits.

Throughout Dr. Oebel’s ministry travels, he has found that many pastors are very unaware of what a corporation sole actually is; and the information they may have heard about is  often riddled with distortions, misconceptions and misinformation.  So before moving forward, let’s take a look at how we as a church got here, including the history of both the 501c3 and the corporation sole, it’s definition, and how its benefits under 508c1a. We’ll compare this with the more familiar 501c3, and the current sociopolitical climate we find ourselves in that makes this information so critical in determining how we move forward as a free church.

About Dr. Paul Oebel, DDH.

For many Christian pastors and church leaders, deciding whether or not to reorganize under a corporation sole can be a daunting task.  Many are completely unaware that an alternative to the 501c3 structure even exists; and what information they may have gathered, either online or from hearsay, can be misleading to say the least.

When thinking about using a consultant to help you navigate through all of the (mis)information out there, it is important that you partner with someone for whom the corporation sole is not simply a fly-by-night idea, but rather is the product of considerable research and due diligence on the part of a experienced businessman with a track record of success; and, more importantly, a child of God who has spent nearly his entire life as a dedicated believer, pastor, and servant leader to the body of Christ.

For Dr. Paul R. Oebel, the call of the Lord on his life began at a very early age.  Being filled with the Holy Spirit at the tender age of 9, Paul was called into the ministry to preach the Word of God, after which several of the Gifts of the Spirit were made manifest in his life.  As a 3rd generation minister, Paul began to preach and minister the Word of God by the age of 15, and was called out into the evangelistic field by the age of 18.

The gifts of miracles and prophecy started at a young age, as God began using Paul to bring His healing power to everything from animals to hurting and diseased people. Paul is ordained by 2 organizations and has been awarded an honorary Doctorate of Divinity.  At the age of 24, Paul was named Bishop of the Men’s Full Gospel Pentecostal Organization of Texas, where he served as Senior Pastor, and served as a co-pastor in Norwalk and Aliso Viejo, CA.

As a businessman, Paul has over 16 years of experience in the construction industry, from starting in the labor force to managing a crew of 40 plus men in the operation of his own company.  He subsequently worked as an Event Coordinator at the municipal level, managing events with over 100,000 attendees, and compiling extensive budgets while managing over 130 volunteers.  Over 10 years of success in staging major events has afforded Paul the opportunity to build relationships with investors and celebrities from whom he raises funds for both business ventures as well as worthy causes.

Since 1996, he has owned and operated his own digital marketing company, designing custom marketing materials and state-of-the-art websites.  The Lord has not only equipped and empowered Paul in his entrepreneurial endeavors, but has endowed him with a great care for those less fortunate within his own community.  In 2001, Paul was blessed to be able to be a co-founder of a homeless shelter that is still providing encouragement and housing to as many as 45 displaced persons at a time.  This facility has received a number of prestigious awards and commendations, from being recognized as the top shelter in the country by the city at the municipal level . . . to receiving recognition from the President of the United States himself.

Paul has served as a non-denominational church Pastor for many years; and presides over Faith Unveiled Ministry, a California base nonprofit corporation sole.  His accomplishments in his community are acknowledged in many leading publications, including: Entrepreneur Magazine, heralding Paul as of one of Los Angeles’ Top Ranking Administrators for Business Districts and Coordinating Events.  He has also been recognized for maintaining successful business districts in both the Goliath Business Journal and Free Library Books and Articles.  Paul is also recognized in the Web Designers, Inc directory, as well as Books and Articles for Successful Business Executive, while receiving Certificates of Accomplishment from the State Governor and Local Municipalities.

Church Corporation Sole was placed upon Paul’s heart to help pastors and other church leaders make an informed decision as to how to keep their pulpits free to preach the whole Word of God without fear of governmental censure.  To that end, Dr. Oebel stands ready to give you the benefit of his considerable subject matter research and experience, guided by the Spirit, to assist you and your church organization as you consider the way ahead.

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