A.  As a church, we have slowly but surely adopted the mindset that we should not speak directly to issues of public policy, especially the more controversial ones that are “hot button issues” of the day.  Many of those reservations are substantive ones, because of the risk of violating restrictive 501c3 laws that could jeopardize our tax exempt status.  But in the absence of the church’s voice on the critical issues of our day, this “world system”, which is in enmity with our Lord, is on the march:

In Montana, Canyon Ferry Road Baptist Church faced election law charges after a volunteer passed out petitions to place a marriage amendment on the Montana ballot.

California Democratic State Senator, Ricardo Lara introduced SB 323 in an attempt to legally force 501c3 Churches into accepting homosexuals as full members to Churches or risk having their State Tax Exemption statuses revoked.

The City of Houston, Texas recently demanded that local Churches turn over sermons for examination by the state to see if the Pastors discriminated against LGBTQ individuals.

Throughout America, the Internal Revenue Service is intimidating churches and pastors into silence on what Scripture says about candidates and elections.

The IRS has been used to unfairly target the current administrations political enemies, as well as pro-Catholic and pro-Jewish groups.  And the Defense of Marriage Act has arbitrarily been declared unconstitutional without due process of law; and the executive branch has refused to enforce it.

B.  As the Body of Christ, we are called to be the “salt of the earth”. Salt, in ancient times, was used as a preserver, primarily for foods.  We, as Pastors, should be the preserving agent in a fallen world – a body that preserves the hidden manna of the Word of God for a world who so desperately needs it.  In order to do that, we must become unshackled from the restrictive bonds of being state and federal entities.  Let’s look at what’s needed to form a corporations sole.

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