Paul Oebel has educated himself on 501's and Corporations Sole for over a decade, and has helped Pastors transition from a 501c3 to a 508c1a during this time. To help educate why churches should not be 501's, and the legal alternatives, he has put great details in these two videos explaining the dangers of being under government control. Pastors must understand that the offerings coming in, actually go to the state, and not the church. A Pastor can "use" the offerings and tithes, but when it's all over, all assets must be given away. Please watch these two videos that explain why churches should not be 501's.


DISCLAIMER: Church Corporations Sole is acting as an adviser for you, NOT as an attorney. The information on this website is for educational purposes only, not legal advice. We can consult you with federal legal issues regarding corporation soles, and assist in filling out all proper forms and registrations. If you'd like an attorney, we can refer you to one that has been filing Corporations Sole for approximately 35 years.

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